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QUESTION: When I go to one certain website a Popup comes up wanting me to download an Adobe Flash Updater. I have not clicked to download this because I know it is a virus/adware that will be placed on my computer.

I have used F-Secure, Hitman Pro and Malwarebyte but none of these programs can find a virus or remove this popup from appearing. I had unplug my modem and disconnected my Internet connection for a short time and that helped for one day. Now this popup appearing again.

How can I remove this popup from appearing? I am using Interest Explorer and Windows 7. I have blocked popups but it has not helped. The website this popup keeps coming up on is my website. It does not appear on any other website. I had gone to Yahoo and searched for my website to see where it would come up in a
search. I clicked on the listing in this Yahoo search listing and this popup started. I went to Google and clicked on the listing in their search and the popup also came up.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

ANSWER: Make sure it is malware. This will be helpful:
Since it is your site, the next thing I would ask is if there is anything that would require Adobe Flash player on your site and it may legitimately need to update?
Just some ideas. Get back with me if this doesn't help. We can take one more intensive step.

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Thanks for your reply. First, I forgot to mention, I do not have Adobe Flash installed on my computer so I do not have a program to update.
Secondly, I do not have anything on my website that would require Adobe Flash.

I would never click to download this ramsonware but I could not get it off my website. It would come up as soon as I loaded my website and lock it up. I ran seven different virus/malware programs and my computer was clean after running each of them. So it was not on my computer. I went ahead and restoreed my computer from about two weeks back during a time I did not have this problem. But it did not help to remove this malware from my website. I knew then it was not on my computer.

I finally contacted my host provider and they changed my IP address and after about three hours the new DNS went into effective, the problem went away. Some how by downloading my website from Yahoo it had this ramsonware attached and there was no way to remove it. Changing the IP address so far has resolved the problem. I hope it continues. I will not download my website from Yahoo again. I just hope anyone who downloads my website from Yahoo or Google will not download this malware. I don't know how it got attached to my website in Yahoo.

I had never encountered a problem like this where a malware could not be removed and it locked up the website.

Wow! I have been dealing with this stuff a long time and this is a first. Someone actually hacked into the coding (programming)of your site and planted this bug. I don't know this 100% but I would say it was someone who works for the web provider. You can't really accuse them because you could probably never prove it. However, there is nothing saying you could not switch web providers altogether. Your current one will always be in control and, unless you have some kind of contract that says other wise, someone that works for them can plant another bug.

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