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Keith  -  I am running Windows7 and have Avast security.  I had a virus which I pretty much cleaned up using RKill and AdwCleaner.  Now, on my start page I have a WinZip driver update warning that reads "Failed to load language file. Unable to continue."  I have tried to uninstall but get a message "file does not exist."  Have also tried to restore system.  How can I delete this message?  What is your expertise on this?

Is it blue screening? Can you boot into safe mode? If you cannot you will need either a flashdrive with anti-malware software on it (I would suggest Combofix) or a disk. Your system is still infected or the infection has corrupted the files.
You could probably fix it if you have a OS disk, boot to the disk, and then run the "repair" feature.

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