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hello sir

please can you recommend me the best anti-virus for free using in personal for one computer , home edition

my device is sony vaio - windows 7 - intel core i3 - 380 M processor 2.53 - home basic 64 bit - mEMORY 2GB - HD 320 GB

I had used avast but depsite it is free , I found a pop us also after scanning stated that remain x days for trial , they wanted me to purchase

whats fake done that pretend free antivirus for home usage , then I get surprised with license and purchasing

please let me know your

- opinions
- suggestion
- advises
- commentries
- recommednation

thanks and best regards

I will just tell you what I use.
I use AVG free for my anti-virus and Malwarebytes for other problems like trojans, spyware, etc.
Both are free and can be obtained safely at
AVG is real time protection. Malwarebytes free is manual. To make it automatic and realtime you have to pay for it.

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