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Is it possible to tap a laptop. I've watched national security movies like enemy of the state and watched peoples location compromised just by using their cellphones. I'm assuming such a thing is possible with a laptop. Two nights ago I was in the emergency room at like 3:00am and when I hooked up to the Wi-Fi they were controlling my Google search results. They where phishing identity indicators by pushing out results that force you to indirectly describe yourself . After about a hour and a half a security guard popped up and asked me why I was sitting there. But they had been watching me surf the net. The way the hospital is set up the main lobby is basically abandon at night. They only leave it open to allow people access to the emergency room. I always knew businesses and professional institutions try to secure their wireless network, but I never knew they could control your Google search results. Which brings me back to my inquiry into the idea of a laptop wire tap. Basically I want to know if somebody could put a virus on your computer that tells them when you connect to the internet and exactly what your location is when you connect. I'd also like to know if they could do what I mentioned hospital security was doing when I was using there Wi-Fi. If so are there any tools that would help you detect such a thing.

Good questions FDR,

A great deal written about this subject by experts like myself.

Hopefully, the following information on the sites I'm recommending, answers your questions and helps you determine how best to proceed when using public Wi-Fi.
If not, just let me know.  

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