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Please let me know will a copy of the recovered files
from a computer/memory card, still be there on the
computer/memory card?

Many thanks.

ANSWER: What kind of "memory card"? Be a little more specific. Are you recovering data from a computer that will not work? What are some of the details of how and why you are recovering data. That could determine many things.

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A camera memory card. Yes I'm going to recover data from my
computer that will be used by a curious guy.

ANSWER: This will be according to the capacity of the memory card. Will it hold the data you want to save? According to what kind of data it is will determine whether or not it will be able to be seen, manipulated, etc. from another computer. If it is pictures in a normal format that can be read by most photo software, the answer would be yes. Size would be your only limit.
An application that is stored on a hard drive will not work by simply copying over the files from one computer to another. You need the application program (usually containing executables such as setup.exe or "filename".exe). Hope this helps

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QUESTION: Dear Keith, sorry for bothering you. Let me put the issue this way: I mistakenly deleted my photos. As I was to give my computer to a relative, I did recover the photos. Now I would like to know whether there are still the photos in the computer and the new owner can recover them?

I see! You need something like this:
There is a secure file shredder in this program that is used by the military. "The military grade Drive Wiper ensures any data you want to be permanently deleted, stays deleted."

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