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I used my computer for everything including internet banking for about 5 years and never been hacked before but 2 weeks ago i checked my bank statement and some dating website Be2 something like that took around 420 in four different transactions over the weekend, even though i never went to any dating site ever and i don't download anything except pictures sometimes. So i called my bank and they cancelled my card immediately and sent me a new one, since then i haven't entered my new card details on my computer and will never do ever again. I use McAfee anti-virus, that didn't detect anything, then i used windows defender and malicious software removal tool, still nothing. Then i did some research on what to use to scan viruses, i used spybot which didn't detect anything, then i used AVG which also didn't detect anything, currently i'm using ESET online scanner which is 45% done and has found 1 threat called "Java/Exploit.Agent.NCD trojan" and i'm waiting for it to finish. I have also downloaded Malwarebytes and HitmanPro3 which i will use after the scan has finished.
After i'm done, i will re-install windows, i plan on transferring pictures, videos and music onto another harddrive and then transferring them back onto my computer, many people said that pictures, videos and music files cant be infected so its safe to transfer them only. I plan on buying a chromebook and then i will use my new card on that laptop only, and i will not use that laptop for anything but online banking and will not save anything on it, but what i'm concerned about is that even if i re-install windows on my current computer and use my new laptop for online banking only could i still be hacked since the hacker might know my home network? I am confused that if i connect any device to my network will it be hacked from now on? even if its a friend coming over and he uses my internet will his device be hacked? my router's default firewall setting was on low but 3 weeks ago i was having problems with NAT type issue on my game consoles so i tried a few things including MTU size, Port range triggering and Firewall settings, but after i was done with all the messing around i left my router firewall off and its been off until i was hacked then i put it on low again but when i put it on medium or high it shows the allowed services/ports, which i don't have a clue about so i just left it on low and it says "no ports restricted". So i'm just wondering if only my computer is hacked or my entire network?? If my computer is hacked then i'm gonna do what i've just mentioned but if my network is hacked then what should i do?? There are 11 devices on my network and only mine was hacked but card/bank details have never been used on other devices.


It's highly unlikely your network is hacked (though I don't know what your network is).
Please feel free to provide that information.  

As far as your computer, as you know you've got to be careful with security application configurations, but you must also be careful how many, and whether they're compatible with each other and your Firewall and anti-virus applications.

And, successful system hacking such as yours likely involved the compromise of other records including health, licenses, family info... You should not overlook this possibly.

But, no matter how secure you make a new or old computer, you (and your private network of users) will need to be more careful regarding surfing habits, clicking links, monitoring and limiting all online personal info

You'll need to change all passwords, adhering to a strong password policy (See password links on ""), deleting and changing unnecessary accounts and memberships, and hardening your privacy and security settings on all sites and profiles, including social sites.

Also, please consider hardening the security (software and hardware) on all devices, and make sure you maintain the latest system and application security updates.

Note: Allexperts isn't geared for extended help sessions, but to make sure your new system is and remains secure, if you need private assistance just me know.  

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