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Hi Keith,

I am trying to make a rational purchase decision on some security software.

What is your opinion of DeepFreeze and/or Sandboxie for a single user?

I was burned by malware recently, leading me to buy Windows 8.1 and completely reinstall everything. I regularly need to change a few files (Excel spreadsheets, and my saved games).

Sandboxie is nice, but the license is only good for a year. The nag screen might be worth saving a few bucks if I'm just renting the product anyways.

Would you recommend both?

Thank you for your input,


I have never used either of the products you have listed. I have always gone free. I use AVG free anti-virus, Malwarebytes free, and at times Spybot Search and Destroy. All free. I have been malware free for almost 10 years using these products and surfing safely. Software is not going to save you every time. You have to know what to stay away from and what not to click on.
Plus, if you are going to buy either of the programs, I would only use one.  

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