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Maury Kosh wrote at 2014-03-11 16:21:18
I have been using DeepFreeze my on own personal pc and others I support for years. I also have used Sandboxie.

Sandboxie is very slick as it only freezes the browser part of the system and still lets you save files.

I use Deepfreeze and freeze my whole Operating system drive (C)

I create a second partition (D) and I redirect anything I want to save to D. IE: Excel, my profile and any other data I need to edit. Now if something gets onto my system a simple reboot cleans it up.

There is another product (more expensive than Deepfreeze) (I can get the name if you are interested) that does what Deepfeeze does, but also has a rollback feature. It takes snapshots and depending on how many you save you can roll back to a particular date and time, much more powerful than Microsofts last known good.  

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