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I run Windows 7 for the last 3 years and recently notices in the STARTUP - APPLICATIONS - a new program - PREFRENCES with a little blue e icon similar to Internet Explored but not exactly..  I also noticed that CPU sometimes runs high 50% 60% or even higher - sometimes, so than I restart Windows.  I tried to look this program PREFRENCES in the startup of CCleaner as well as Auslogic and it does not appear there...When I right click on it and Go to PROCESS, it always takes to IDRIVE TRAY, a legit program that back up my files.  Why would they use PREFRENCES???  

Could you please guide here.  ?

Thank you,  Gabe


Hello Gabe,

Depending on the features you have given, it very well seems like your browser suffers from self-installed third-party spyware feature. It would be advisable, Gabe, that you clicked on the link below, followed the prompts and immediately got rid of the whatever file is playing hide'n'seek in the OS.

Please CLICK HERE to download, install and run ADWCLEANER.

1-Once the OS has restarted safely, please go to RUN, type in MSCONFIG, click OK to trigger System Configuration.
2-Focus on the SERVICES tab, click on the check-box(lower left).
3-Look for and un-check PREFERENCES
4-Now click on STARTUP tab, do the same this time. Un-check all PREFERENCES or UNKNOWN proggies.
5-Click APPLY and OK

Restart System.

Kind Regards,

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