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I run Windows 7 for the last 3 years and recently notices in the STARTUP - APPLICATIONS - a new program - PREFRENCES with a little blue e icon similar to Internet Explored but not exactly..  I also noticed that CPU sometimes runs high 50% 60% or even higher - sometimes, so than I restart Windows.  I tried to look this program PREFRENCES in the startup of CCleaner as well as Auslogic and it does not appear there...When I right click on it and Go to PROCESS, it always takes to IDRIVE TRAY, a legit program that back up my files.  Why would they use PREFRENCES???  

Could you please guide here.  ?

Thank you,  Gabe

Answering what you posted requires more information.  Perhaps I've answered the question you're asking yourself, below:

If there's malware on your box the only way to be certain efforts to remove it have been successful the only course of action is Nuke and Pave.  You'll need to wipe the disk and reinstall Windows.  This contradicts what Antivirus vendors and what Microsoft seem to want users to believe.  I'm not a fan if using absolutes like "never" and "only", but there is no way to use an infected system to uninfect itself (unless you know enough about the malware to re-write it yourself).

VirusTotal runs as many as 50 AV packages on uploaded files.  (You can go there an upload the file you think is a problem.)  But I mention this because of the malware I upload will usually be identified by less than 5 of them.  (The AV version they run, for any given vendor, may not always be the most recent).
This means that, when your gut tells you something is wrong but your AV doesn't confirm it, you may be safer following your gut for a while.

If the system in question isn't running anything critical (to your use) you can experiment by using tools to remove files, replace files, etc., and tracking performance and log file entries.

The most important concept is this:  You cannot clean an infected machine with an infected machine.  You cannot clean an infected machine using a clean machine if it has known vulnerabilities and there exists a way to exploit them.

A legit "preferences" file is text-only so is human-readable.  Some preferences files in Windows may not be.  

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