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Dear John‎

Inkjet Printers using Color Inks while Plotter uses Color Pens
for printing.

Model 1

1. Alternatively Can inkjet printer also can have Pens as a source for printing OR Plotter can also have Color Inks as a source for Printing ?.

Model 2

2. Alternatively Can inkjet printer as well as Plotter can have both Color Inks and Pens as a source for Printing. i.e. An inkjet has both Pens and Inks installed as well as Plotter has both Pens and Inks installed as sources for printing ?.

Can there be any advantages in manufacturing those above two Plotter and Inkjet Printer Models ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I'm unsure about what you're asking.  Both use ink, not just ink jets.  The difference is in the "writing instrument".  A plotter (those I've used, anyway) have a pen for each color and the pen is similar to any felt-tip pen you can write with.  The Ink Jet has a reservoir for each color.  The cartridge, which contains the reservoir, releases ink from the reservoir onto the paper.

A printer then, seems to be designed to move an ink source.  The type of ink then determines what the mechanical requirements are.  An ink jet will have code that is used to open and close the jet on each cartridge.  The plotter has code that moves the pens up and down.

Entry price for a plotter is higher than for an ink jet.  

I see no advantage to combining them.

Does this help?

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