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I would like to know what I can get to protect myself from several things.  How can I determine if a keystroke logging program is on my computer?  Also, how can I determine if someone is remotely monitoring my computer and communications?  Finally, can someone read my emails, I have a hotmail account?

A friend of a friend once told me that it is very easy for someone to access your computer and although it is unlikely, (I hope) I would like to feel that my computer is just that, my computer.  Can you help?

If it is important, I have MS Defender on my machine.

Thank you

Hello Kee,

Please provide the details about your system, and all security applications you are using.
What is your Firewall? What is your anti-virus and anti-spyware?
Is MS Defender the only security tool you're using?
How long have you been using a computer. Do you consider yourself a beginner?

Do you have any problems, or issues needing assistance?
If you wish me to continue to assist, please provide this info. Thanks.
Regarding your question, all you need to do is use your favorite search engines. Enter the words you used.

There is a great deal of information from Microsoft and other very reputable companies that answer all your questions in detail.
When it comes to private, personal computer use, it's a learning curve that begins best, by utilizing free Internet resources.

My site also has links to some great support sites. Even (Allexperts parent) has detailed info.  

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