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1 - If I post files to an FTP site, can they be searched and viewed through a Google search?

2 - Can I get information about when posted FTP files have been accessed/viewed?

3 - Is there a way to monitor how many times a file has been accessed?

4 - Is there a way to lookup a PC's IP address to find out where the computer is located and who owns it?

1. Yes Google bots can index data in FTP sites. use robots.txt to have Google not index your data. Here is a good article on robots.txt -

2. If you own the FTP site you can setup the FTP software to log all of this info and more. If it is not your site then you would need to ask the site owner to do this for you and supply you the log files.

3. Yes, see the answer to question 2

4. providing you have logging turned on and you have this detail you can track an IP back to the ISP that owns it.  I cannot speak to the privacy rules/laws where you live, but the ISP will have the details of who used that IP and when and may or may not provide you with that info. Here is a great Wiki article on how to trace an IP address -

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