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A friend of mine has had trouble with her email acct.  Her acct is sending out spam.  I told her to change her email password and install anti-virus sw and I would be glad to lend her my "Norton360 CD for the PC".  However, then she told me that she is using an ipad.  so I'm not sure what to tell her with regards to my advice about anti-virus sw.  Does she need it? (I think an ipad won't take my "Norton360 for the PC" right? If she needs it, is the only way for her to get it is to download it from the Internet?)

First of all sorry this is just now being answered. Something happened and I have not been receiving notifications from this site.
Web mail, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. cannot be hacked via your computer or device. They log onto your account on a web server and then use your email address to send spam. Change password. If this does not work contact the email provider and report the problem.

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