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Hi Keith. I'm not good with computers but I have a laptop that I use to play Pogo games and email. I think it has IE7 windows 9, or something like that. I have a wireless Verizon connection (a bar that goes in the side of the computer). I have Norton anti-virus. The other day I was in Pogo about to play a game when my computer shut off completely then came right back on. Then I hear a radio station playing thru the computer. Sometimes more than one station at a time. It plays for awhile, stops, then starts again. There is nothing else running in the background and I don't download things or click on ads. Do you think this is a virus, do you think I got it at Pogo? Now I'm afraid to go back to Pogo.  Thanks.  ~Andee

Not sure what version of Norton's you have (anti-virus, full security suite, etc), but the problem could be caused by a trojan rather than a virus that your anti-virus software will not detect. If you can I would download and run Malwarebytes
If it detects anything remove it. If it does not and you still are having problems you can go a step further by downloading and running Combofix

Let me know if anything is detected and what it is. You may want to try another anti-virus. To tell you the truth I am not a big Norton's fan. It is a resource hog and has been known to not detect some really nasty trojans.

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