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Hello James, Thank you for being here to answer questions such as mine. I am trying to get several expert opinions on my question. Essentially, I have a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and it of course comes with Windows Defender preinstalled. I have heard stories that WD is not strong enough as an anti-virus software program to do the job. Yet others say it is and that nothing else is needed.

I would like to have your opinion on this if I may. Should I retain Windows Defender alone to do the job? Incidentally, I am also using Malwarebytes and the Windows preinstalled Firewall. Or should I remove WD and go with another anti-virus package? If so, how does one remove Windows Defender in order to avoid conflicts with the other product? And finally, does Windows Firewall do an adequate job or should I get another firewall and what should that be?

Thank you for your help with my question. It is much appreciated!

Following are discussions and reviews. The fact is there are many different opinions based on different needs. The best you can do is become familiar with as many options as possible, based on expert opinions, then act and be prepared to change your security configuration, if necessary.

I understand all the points of view, and based on the info provided would suggest first taking special note of "Anupam" Super Moderator's post:

See also: for good selections and reviews.




I hope reviewing the material will give you a better idea of what to do. The main thing is to keep it simple based on your current level of understanding, learn more, then change/upgrade/modify accordingly.  

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