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I want to know which 'free antivirus' is best to use with 'windows 8.1' without any performance lag or slow?


ANSWER: Picking a antivirus program is a personal preference, so I will give you my favorite choice.

..Panda Cloud antivirus.., they have a free version and because much of the processing happens in the cloud the performance footprint on your PC is small.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your response!

Cloud means do I have to be online all the time for it to protect PC?

But I need to ask again about the latest avast free and avg free. What about them?


Yes you would need to be online for Panda Cloud  to work, so you would need to decide how often you access offline data IE: USB stick.. etc.

Those 2 Antivirus are good products. But as they both install completely to the PC you will see a performance hit.  

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