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I would like to know how you can tell when your computer is infected. From what I've noticed, I start seeing a lot of ads and I get misdirected sometimes when I click on a legitimate website or certain functions on them are intentionally blocked.  I think this happened the other week when I tried to place an order on the Microsoft website and I was directed to call some 877 number. Other times some websites are very slow to load or their appearance becomes jumbled up on the page.

Do the free anti-malware and virus software applications do a pretty good job? Which ones would you recommend? In the past, I've used avira, avast, Yac, Malwarebytes anti-malware software. I've noticed that Google Chrome seems pretty susceptible to problems, esp. with its extensions. Thanks.

I use all free anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Before I say what I use I want to also say that staying virus and malware free not only depends on the software you use against it but also your surfing habits.
1. Anti-virus- AVG free- It will detect and remove viruses and most all trojans.
2. Malwarebytes free- One of the best programs I have used to detect and remove malware. Keep in mind the free version is manual. It is my understanding the paid version is real time scanning and automatic updating.
3. For bad infections I use Combofix. It is free

For everything but combofix I use . Great site for downloading free programs safely.

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