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Dear Thorig: A friend of mine is experiencing the follow. Can you help?  "it's really terrible. Upon launching a webpage, it takes only a few seconds for it to freeze. A message appears at the bottom stating that " is not responding." At the far right, there's a button to click on to "recover webpage." This happens with every webpage launched so I have to close it out and relaunch over and over.
I was told that I need to correct and fix infected files (even though I have Norton Anti-virus previously installed). But this, along with slow system performance, are supposed to be minor issues. The bigger issue is that my network is not secure, therefore, it's easy for spywares to behave like leeches. So unless I get all this resolved soon, I'm sure it won't be long before my computer completely shuts down."  Thank you kindly.


it looks like malware is working in behind. Is there any tool bar installed in your browser. if so remove it. open control panel and remove any unnecessary tools or software installed. hopefully this will help. if not open computer in safe mode and run antivirus scanner to detect any hidden virus or spyware.


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I have a Knowledge of Computer Security and I am able to answer most of the security question, even though i am familiar with network security and various types of hacking techniques, and I know How to prevent attacks and prevent network and computer from hacking and virus and worms. I have knowledge of Data Recovery, Digital Forensic, Mobile forensic, Stenography, Biometrics and Networking.


I did my degree in BSc in computing specialism with in Computer security and which was awarded by Stafford shire university, UK. And I provide consultancy service for the organization and do security assessments.

May, 2010 onwards till Today I am working in Department of Judicial Administration as a Senior Computer programmer. Year 2001 to 2007 I was working as a Assistant Computer Programmer of Ministry Of Justice, Republic of Maldives. Other than that attended to several Training Program as a Tutor and worked Several Computer Training Centers for a lecture.

I have Completed Bachelor's of Science (Honors)in Computing with specialism in Computer Security in Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (Malaysia) in collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK. Has undertaken following Modules which are related to security and obtain excellent results. - CCNA Security - Malicious Software and Security Programming - Legal and Evidentiary Aspects of Forensic Computing - Forensic Data Gathering, Reconstruction and Analysis - Computer Systems Security - Fundamentals of Network Security - Data Recovery, Tracing and Evidence Gathering In Computer Systems - Introduction To Security Technologies - Biometrics 1

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Bachelor's of Science (Honors) in Computing With Specialism in Computer Security Diploma in Information Technology

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