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1. "Malwarebytes is great. Keep in mind the free version is manual. You have to remember to run a scan. It is not real time."

What does that mean?

2. I need to clear up.  In term of keeping everything safe, I need to install AVG free and/or malewarebytes anti-maleware.

3. My operation system is window 8.1 Pro. I install both programs (AVG free and malewarebyte anti-maleware).  That means it is protecting the laptop and internet.  But will it automatically protect the files if I download it?  Or do I have to scan the files for threat?  If so, how do you do that (in order word, how do you check the files for virus using the program?)

note: can you answer the questions one at a time.

1. The free version of malwarebytes in manual and the paid version is automatic. This means that the paid version is protecting you all the time and updates automatically while the free version only scans when you open it up and manually update and scan.

2. AVG and Malwarebytes are different types of programs. AVG will detect and remove viruses and most trojans. Malwarebytes will detect and remove all the other bad stuff (ie. less serious trojans, spyware, adware, etc.).

3. With AVG you don't have to check anything. When you download a program it will automatically scan it. There is another way to scan with both. A good practice when downloading programs is to "save" and not "run". Save the .exe or application file to your desktop. Before installing it, right click it and you will have the option to "scan with AVG" and "scan with Malwarebytes". This will insure before installing that the program is safe.

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