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QUESTION: I have important files in my laptop.
I store one in my hard drive that I bought, but the files is first in my laptop to transfer. I download google chrome and mozilla firefox from the internet. I install McAfee.  But I search all over the place on the internet. How do I protect my files on my laptop and Hard drive?
I do not know if it is affected by viruses, etc.
I store one in storage site, but it is upload from the laptop files though.

ANSWER: Backup to an external hard drive.
As for as keeping everything safe I recommend AVG free and Malwarebytes. Get them both from

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QUESTION: But the files is already affected, how does putting it in an external hard drive impede that?

Here is what I do:

1. I clean my laptop by installing McAfee and operating system
2. I download my files from dropbox.
3. I store them in a storage site: A drive and an external drive and one in my laptop.

I need to know how do I go about keeping my files to last forever (in pdf) and keep it safe from stuffs that can harm it such as viruses, etc.

The programs I mentioned both will work.
1. Disable "autoplay". This is the little box that pops up when you insert a USB device. The same goes with the disk drive. Not sure what OS you are running but it is most of the time done through control panel or system settings.
2. Either AVG and/or Malwarebytes are good programs that will allow you to scan any device that you plug in USB to your computer. You do this by (after installing the programs) simply right clicking on the device and clicking "scan with AVG or Malwarebytes".
Let me know if I can help further. One of the most basic things is to make sure you don't plug the devices with the stored data into an infected computer.

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