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QUESTION: I am using an ASUS computer. When I installed the free Avira virus program it works. Then I installed a paid version of 2015 Internet Security program, the internet line is being disconnected. I do not know why. As I installed the same to my other computers, they worked. Howver, if you need further information likes files please mentioned them and how to download them or do it as I am not a professional on computer. I am able to mail this question to you because I need to uninstalled the AVG to get the internet line back first. So if you need further information or download any files for you to look at them, I have to re-installed the AVG. Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Avira and AVG?
You shouldn't use two anti-virus applications at the same time:
Uninstall one, (clean your temporary files if you know how to safely), restart, use only one and see if that resolves your problem.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer. However, I may not be clear enough to you. For your infomation, initially I was using Avira but I unistalled it and the use the paid version of AVG. But when I finished installing , the network was disconnected and thus I was unable to go online. Then I uninstalled AVG and reinstalled back the Avira program. After that the internect line then was ok. I do not know why afer installing the AVG the line was disconnected. when I installed it on my other notebook or desktop computers they worked?

In my opinion, the kind of info necessary to resolve your problem is likely available only to AVG. And, I would think they'd want to help you resolve it as quickly as possible to maintain their good reputation.

Simply continue to use Avira free for temporary protection and go to:, log into AVG MyAccount and ask.

Or, you could use their official forum here:

Hopefully, they will resolve your problem (in a timely manner) to your satisfaction - but if not, just let me know.

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