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QUESTION: I have like 500+ files to

What must I do to my laptop before I download them to my laptop to keep the files all safe?

ANSWER: Having an up to date, good anti-virus program. You list McAfee. It is reputable but it is a resource hog. If you want performance use something less demanding such as AVG free.
I'm sure dropbox has some kind of anti-virus also.

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QUESTION: So, I uninstall McAfee and install AVG free?
Should I install malewarebytes Anti-malware as well?

Yes. Download AVG ("save", do not "run"). Save the installation file to a easy to access location.
Uninstall McAfee. I'm sure a restart will be required afterward. After restart double-click the AVG installation file, paying attention to the different prompts. You want to stick with the free edition and stay away from the "trial" version.

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