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After receiving a note from Bitdefender AV program that They found 2 Trojan in my pc and took care of it, I found out that my Inbox folder in Mozilla Thundirbird email program was left without all the bodies of the messages.  Only the subject and name of the person were left.  I did scan again with Bitdefender and Malware bite and SuperAntiSpyware.  No more traces.  I also emailed Bitdefender and waiting for their answer.  I am very careful in computing lifeas I work from home.  Is there any way to retrieve the emails in the Inbox ( all other folders are fine) ?  Any more suggestions please?  

Thank you Gabe

You will need to look and see how Thunderbird saves or does not save emails. In outlook there is an outlook.pst file that is a backup of your email. Maybe Thunderbird has something similar. I would go on their webpage and see what you can find out there.

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