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QUESTION: In order to store important files, I need to buy a brand new laptop that is free of viruses, malware, etc.  But I already have a laptop.
So, I need to clean out my laptop to store those important files. How do I go about cleaning my laptop first. I install window 8.1 and install McAfee.  I do not know if that is enough.  I do not want the viruses to damage my files.

ANSWER: Just make sure you do a complete reformat of the hard drive before you install the new operating system.

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QUESTION: 1. The problem that I have is that I already install window 8.1 pro and install McAfee and microsoft word.  

2. I do not now how to reformat the hard drive either, how do you that and why do reformat the hard drive do?

3. What do you think is the best way to protect important files (such as pdf). I store them at A drive and put one in my laptop.  However, everyone surf the laptop through internet such as google search engine. So, before the files is in my laptop, it is probable damage because the laptop is not viruses, etc. clean.
When I upload into A drive, I just upload a back up of damage files, right.  I do not know what to do.

I think I need a clean laptop, then I can upload it as another back up because the file is safe to upload.

I'm not sure what you mean by some of your other statements (slight language barrier) but your last statement is basically what you need to do and is what I thought you were doing. You need to start with a clean hard drive that has been reformatted (this is done by simply right clicking on the drive and clicking reformat). All backups that are restored should be scanned with an anti-virus before they are reinstalled on the new machine.

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