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QUESTION: I just bought a laptop with Windows 8.1....Windows Defender is built in as part of the operating system....Problem:  When I go to Windows Defender Advanced Settings tab, I don't see the option to "Remove Quarantined Items After..." There should be a drop down menu saying 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc...(I got this information from a tutorial explaining Windows Defender)...What happened to the option for me to choose how long to keep suspicious items in Quarantine?...Is it no longer offered?...I may want Defender to maintain Quarantined items indefinitely without deleting any... Please advise.

ANSWER: Is this the tutorial were are referring to?

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QUESTION: I think so...This tutorial does refer to the drop down menu asking how long the user desires to keep a quarantined item before automatic deletion... My point is that I do not see this drop down menu on my laptop containing the Windows 8.1 Defender Advanced Settings and my question is why not?....Is the option of choosing from various time periods before automatic deletion no longer offered to users of Windows Defender?

Hi Susan! In my opinion, the next (and maybe best or only) course of action would be to contact Microsoft support. It appears to be something unique to your system, something only Microsoft could resolve.

I'd love to know if they answer you in a timely and satisfactory manner, but that's up to you.

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