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Hi James. A few weeks ago I got a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 3020 with 8.1, Ofc 3012. I'm constantly getting pop-up messages saying "Internet Explorer has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program & notify you if a solution is available."  When this comes up I click on the red X (not close program) 95% of the time the page reloads; 5% it closes all open pages anyway. I'm so frustrated, I run scans with Malwarebytes & get no bad reports. I also have free Avast which keeps showing popups but I can't afford to pay for an upgrade as I'm a beginner student & only got this for school. I'ld like to disable Avast if it's not needed.) Can you help? Thank you.

Hi Chris,
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Try the possible solutions and let me know the results.
Regarding your antivirus, you definitely need one. Since there are other options (many very reputable), I'd try another one - and another if necessary.

Currently, AVG, Comodo, Panda, Forticlient, BitDefender and Ad-Aware have excellent free versions, as well as a few others. Try AVG next (or not), but check recent reviews (Best Free Antivirus) at, PCmag, techsupportalert,, pcworld, techradar and other reputable sites that stay up to date with the latest information about what's available.

And, make sure you download the new software, but don't install it until Avast has been removed (Add/Remove) and the system restarted. After installation, it would be good to clean your temp files (your system and/or a free reputable 3rd party cleaner like CCleaner or an alternative) as well, to remove any traces of the Avast and avoid potential conflicts.

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