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QUESTION: Was watching TV when I heard a beeping sound.  Thought it was the alarm (normally have it set to music for wake up) and when I moved the alarm the beeping stopped so I resumed watching TV.  The beeping started up again then I hear printing!  I checked and saw the following:

Transmission verification report.  
Time: 10/08/2015 06:15 (it's 05:42 now).  
Name: (Blank)  
Fax: (Blank)
Ser.#: U62900G1F272350

Date, Time: 10/08  06:05
Fax No./Name:  7
Duration:  00:00:00
Page(s):  00
Result:  Busy
Mode:  Standard


The odd part is my printer is not connected to my PC (it's wireless but can't send anything to printer, I just copy to disc and print from it).  

Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hi Christi

That looks like a fax report from a Brother printer.  The question is why is it trying to send a fax?  Does someone else have access to the printer?  If it's connected to your network wirelessly, make sure that network is secured with WPA2-PSK encryption.  If you are unsure how to do this, check your router manufacturers website for instructions.  
Also, depending on the model printer, you may be able to disable the fax.  Check in the Settings menu on the printer.  You can also unplug the phone line from the printer until you need to use it again.
It's possible the fax could have been triggered by a maintenance routine.  In other words it was running a diagnostic to see if everything was working properly.  Again, check with the manufacturer to see if that is the case.
Those are the only things that I can think of that would would cause the fax report to print.  Let me know if you need further help with this.  Good luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I never did connect the printer to my network (heck, I can't even get my tablet on wireless) and it's not even hooked up to a phone line (never had a need for a fax so the printer is in a room with no phone lines)!  Does this mean I shouldn't have anything to be concerned about?

(PS can you be my geek?  LOL)

Hi Christi

It's definitely not a virus.  As far as something to be concerned, I don't believe so.  If it's a one time thing, then it's likely to be a printer diagnostic as I mentioned.  Or it could be a poltergeist trying to fax it's resume to the new Ghostbusters film, in which case, yes, I would be concerned.  If it happens again, let me know.  Or call a psychic.  
And if you need help hooking up your tablet or anything computer related, I would be honored to be your go-to geek.  Cheers!


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