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You actually did answer my question exactly and I will follow up on your links that you provided.
I did not intend to ask you to comment on a specific product but I guess I did not convey that well.
Thank you very much

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Thank you for taking my question.
I would like to get your opinion on security in general when using Wi-Fi on a public network ie: hotel, coffee shop, airport, etc.
I currently have Comcast's "Fast connect Protection Suite" on my computers which gives you the convenience of using one password for the accounts you choose to set up on this suite.
They claim your password is encrypted when you sign on.
Do you think this or similar programs offer any more security and once you are on a website with an encrypted password does it secure you from anyone seeing what you are viewing?
Thank you in advance.

Following is the reason:

HI Joe,

Sorry, I generally don't give opinions on individual products unless it's part of a problem. However, I can say if you're on a website with an encrypted password, you are secure from anyone viewing except the company you're dealing with.

Also, review these webpages for opinions that carry more weight than mine, since I've never used it. (alternatives)  (alternatives).

Thanks for letting me know the info was helpful. If you have any problems, just let me know!

Take a look at:

and too.

There are many excellent articles about public wifi security like these.

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