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I tried to fix the problem but haven't been successful.

I still have the problem of getting the message in e-mail that "Outlook not responding" and outlook close.  Although I am able to read a few e-mails, and delete some, before Outlook closes, once I reopen it all the e-mails I deleted are still in my in box and the ones I read still appear in bold and look like they haven't been open.

I found a Micro-soft article that gave a number of suggestions on how to repair the problem.  I wanted to tell you what I've tried so far (I'm not sure that I did them all correctly).  This is the link to the article:

I went into the Add-ins and disabled all of them. When I restarted Outlook I still had the problem, so I enabled them again since they weren't the source of the problem.

I went into Programs and Features and clicked on Repair Office.  On completion it said that the repair was successful.  But the problem still was not fixed.

I don't understand Auto-Archive, but the field that set archive every "xx" days was grayed out.  So I checked the box so now it should archive every 14 days.  I don't know if it worked before or not.  I donít know if I should uncheck the box or not.

I went to look at the 28 Microsoft updates that were done before I had a problem.  One of them that was important said it failed.  The one that failed was: Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.209.583.0)

For now, I am letting my e-mails go to my cell phone so I can forward them to my wifeís computer and read them.

I donít know how to implement the other suggestions in the Microsoft  article. Iím at a loss to know what to do.   I hope you can help.


ANSWER: Hi Steven

There are too many possibilities which can cause what I believe in your case to be a Windows system file corruption.  As you suspect, one of the Windows Updates is likely to have not been installed correctly, causing system trouble.  My only advice to you would be to perform a System Restore to a point before the updates were performed.  This should return Outlook to it's normal state.  Then reinstall the updates.  If Outlook stops working again, you will need to restore again and run the updates one at a time to determine the culprit.  I believe though that performing the restore and re-running the updates will solve things.  You don't say which Windows version you have, so the link below should tell you how to perform the System Restore.  Just change the Windows version in the drop-down box in the upper right corner.  Good luck!


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QUESTION: Thank you Brian.

How do you run the Microsoft updates one at a time?  I only know that I have updates when I go to turn my computer off and it says you have "nn" updates and don't power off and let the update process automatically proceed?

Hi Steven

First you need to turn off Automatic Updates.  Then you need to open Windows Update from the Control Panel and install each one separately.  More info and instructions on turning off updates here:

There is also good information and screen shots here:

Have a look at the "Control Whatís Updated" section of the page above.


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