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I have the virus that locks the pc until you pay them. I know its a scam I do not know anything about computers. I see that fixme stick ad on tv and wonder if it would work on my pc. Thanks for any advice

The Fixme stick oftentimes solves the problem, but not always. In addition, if you have important files you don't want to lose, the Fixme Stick might just quarantine them if they are infected with viruses. This makes it impossible for you to access them until you can install and run an antivirus program that could fix them. In some cases the fFixme Stick might make it impossible to boot your computer, but on the other hand it has an undo feature that can possibly help. Here's a review of the Fixme Stick from a reputable source:,2817,2405102,00.asp

Another solution is to take your computer to a repair shop, but you need to be careful to make certain they also do data recovery and specify that they must save all your data. Some repair shops will just reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system and you will lose all your data.  

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