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Hi Brian:

The form I am required to fill out above kind of gets to the point of my question.  I am required to fill in my email address and then asked to re-enter the info on the next line before sending you a question.  I fill out all sorts of forms all of the time.  I would say that I am not asked to double enter my address or phone number in these other forms.  Why is your form different.  It seems AllExperts require double entry of my email address even though I enter that info scores of times a week and there has never been a problem.   This also goes for entering credit card info, home addresses, etc.  Anyway, my question deals with having to re-enter my password.  Why after we have been using the Internet(WWW) for at least twenty years or so this is still an issue.  It kills me to go through the stupidity of this effort all the time when the password is no more complicated than all the other info I enter on forms.  You kind of took the wind out of sails with your double entry requirement of my email address.  Still, I am very interested in your comments

Hello Jeff

Happy New Year!  I get bothered to re-type this info all the time, so I feel your pain.  However, I understand the reasoning behind it is not for any security purpose. Actually it is to check that you haven't made an error the first time you entered the information.
For example, let's say that you type a password in a form.  What do you see?  Something like *******.  You cannot tell if one of the characters is incorrect until you press enter.  So to avoid having to retype entire forms over if you made a mistake, the site will ask you to retype your password and compare it to the first entry.  As for the reason behind re-typing an email; that is also done to avoid errors, and not for security reasons. If you register on a site with an email and you accidentally type your email wrong and not notice it, you will not receive confirmation emails. Also, the next time you go to log on the site with your email, it won't match your original registration email and you will need to register again.  That is why a site will ask you to type things twice.  Hope that helps.  Cheers!


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