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Hello Brian
I have a Lenovo  laptop running Windows 8.1.
I have had it a few months but it is giving me real hassle with unwanted ads and slow response etc.  I have Super Optimiser on my laptop which I did not ask for but it is on my laptop - it appeared on my desktop some while ago now but not at my request!

I understand it is some sort of Virus although my McAfee has not told me about it.  I want to get rid of this damn thing before it drives me crazy and then maybe my laptop will work as well as it should.

Please assist!


Hi John

More than likely this malware was installed alongside with a valid program.  It is often bundled with legitimate programs.  Fortunately, it's not too difficult to get rid of.  There is an excellent removal guide for it here:

Please read it through and follow steps 1-4 as listed.  I suggest disabling McAfee temporarily, as it may interfere with the removal process.  If you have any further questions or run into problems, just let me know.  Cheers!


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