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QUESTION: After I re-install window 8.1 Pro, is it okay to open two or more account before I install the AVG free and Malewarbytes anti-malware?

ANSWER: Yes. Just install it for "all users"

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QUESTION: Problem.

I cannot login into my account because it read that password is wrong.
Then keyboard is also damage so I cannot press 12 or nothing.

1. How do I re-install the operating system?
2. When I install the AVG and Anti-malware, etc. it seems that the program just need permission from adimistrator, thus the program appear in all account, you do not have install it for users.

Can you answer 1 and 2?

ANSWER: 1. I thought you have already done this several times in past questions? Reinstalling the os can be done many different ways. Disk or a backup on the recovery drive.
2. At setup make sure you have an administrator account. Not sure why you don't but it could be because I am not very experienced with win8.1. I like 7 and will stick with it as long as possible

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QUESTION: I ran into a problem. I accidentally spill water on the keyboard, so the keyboard does not work anymore. Beside that, what else might have damaged? Can I run a diagnostic test.

I can't remember. desktop or laptop?
If it is a destop and the water only went on the keyboard you can dry the keyboard out or replace it. If it is a laptop it could have damaged much more due to all the components being under the keyboard. What works and what doesn't besides the keyboard?  

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