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QUESTION: How do I burn a copy of AVG free and anti-maleware for later and safe keeping? The desktop maybe infected and the cd or dvd drive as well, etc. There is no format for cd drive.

ANSWER: You can save the installation file of both programs to a cd, DVDs, flash drive, etc. However, these programs will be available for download in updated versions on the Internet. I have always tried to keep a copy of different programs on a flash drive for work. Lots of times when I went to use them they would be out of date. Programs like that have more frequent updates than other type programs

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QUESTION: It does not install ram and processor. How do I install them?

ANSWER: We went from saving a copy of avg to installing RAM and a processor? I'm not following you. I notice I have another question. maybe it will clarify

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QUESTION: 1. my keyboard does not work. Do you know how to fix that?

2. In order to keep important files safe, I need to clean out my laptop first. There is a bit of steps to take. I keep mess up here and there such as typing the user name right.  So we need to deal with that first.  Here is what I do.

I re-install operating system and keep nothing. Then I install AVG. I am not able to all of it right such type correct the first time, avoid the ads.

How do install avg anti-malware? Any advice. You would have to sure it is virus proof before install your important files?
I have not been able to do that. Any help

You have asked many questions that are repetitive. It sounds as if you need to get a new pc. If reinstalling the os numerous times to no avail is not working there is something "physically " wrong with the computer you have.
I really don't know what else to say.

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