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I have a Lenovo  ThinkPad and have lost the password  to log on to the administrator icon.
Will you help me to remove the old password so I can get back in to make some changes on my computer.
Computer is running W-7 and I DO NOT have the restore disk.
Thank You

The best way to solve the problem is to use a restore partition on your computer, if it exists. Nowadays, most computers are sold with a hidden restore partition. Be sure to save all your data first, as you may have to completely reinstall in order to get control of the administrator password.

Have you searched help for "restore"? It should tell you how to restore from a hidden partition, if it exists. Also at bootup the screen should briefly give you some options for resetting the BIOS, running restore, totally reinstalling, etc. Try F8 if this is not visible on your bootup screen.

If this doesn't work, the next best solution is to get a new restore disk.

Do you still have a receipt from when you bought your computer? If so, the retailer ought to help you out with a new restore disk.

If you don't have a receipt, the retailer still may be able to help you as many keep records of customer purchases.

If that doesn't work, contact tech support at Lenovo about getting a new restore disk. All you have to do is provide the serial number of your computer, and perhaps also the serial number from the W7 operating system. Even if you did not send in a registration form when you bought it, they at least would have a record of the retailer who sold it to you. They probably would give the retailer a spanking and mail you a new restore disk good for your specific Lenovo ThinkPad.

If that doesn't work, provide Microsoft with the serial # of your operating system and for a small fee, they will send you a Windows 7 installation disk that can be used to solve the problem. Be sure to back up all your data first!

Can't reach all your data? Boot from a live Linux disk. Linux should enable you to access anything on the hard drive.  

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