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QUESTION: I have a 4gb USB ( and I have a Linux Mint 17.1, I want to know how to install some sort of security/encrypted software for my USB?

ANSWER: I believe Mint is Ubuntu compatible. Have you installed the Ubuntu Software Center app? It offers some encryption programs that have been vetted for security and are just one click to install. I suggest KGpg. You also can get it at

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QUESTION: Will the encryption also work on Window if I decide to access the USB from my PC.

ANSWER: I haven't tried this myself, but the free program at is supposed to be compatible and runs on Windows. Both Gpg4win and KGpg are implementations of the OpenPGP signing and encryption system. So you would need to install Gpg4win on your Windows computer and then as long as you use the same key as you used on the Linux computer you should be able to encrypt and decrypt your USB data between the two computers.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the information and I have another different question how do I use TAILS on my laptop I downloaded it from Tails website and did everything it asked then burned it on a DVD-R but I couldn't access it when I tried to run it on my laptop it just went straight to the login screen of Linux Mint 17.1 after I enter my password the first time?

Here's how to determine whether TAILS is doing what you want it to do. When it goes to the Mint screen, try writing a file to disk. Then reboot directly into Mint. If the file is there, then TAILS failed to activate. The point of TAILS is to make it impossible for you to leave anything on your disk while using it.

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