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QUESTION: I contracted what I think is a autorun virus on my computer after downloading music on a public bit torrent website.It made 40GB's on my external hard drive disappear and it put a recycling bin in its place. I tired to get rid of it using bit defender and malwarebytes, but they didn't work. I also tried an assortment of autorun virus removal tools that ether never installed or where fake. At some point I used a unhide tool that materialized some of the data, but then the virus just turned it back into inaccessible recycling bin icons. I even tried a using a data recovery program but the lost files never showed up because I never deleted them. Finally I just gave up and trashed all the recycling bin folders on the drive. It cleared out all but 165mb of the drive and nothing except the occupied space was left to indicate any traces of the autorun virus. I wanted to reformat the hard drive but when the same virus broke my MP3 player, reformatting permanently locked up the majority of its storage capacity. It was a 4GB IPod, but now it only holds 300mb max. To make matter worse I have a USB based Dragonfly DAC that doesn't work unless I do a systems restore. Even then it seems like the virus has found it's way into my D drive and I still don't get the crystalline resolution the DAC manufacturers advertise. My OS came built into my laptop and I think I need the disk to really get a fresh start. Where can I find a working removal tool that compatible with Windows 8. Please help, all my electronics are junk unless I get a cure.

ANSWER: First of all, do you know the name of the virus? This will help in searching for a removal tool. This would be the ideal way. Another way, maybe just as good would be something like gparted.
GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device ...
About. GParted is a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions. With GParted you can resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss,
Go to the site and follow the directions. I have used gparted numerous times. Although it is not an antivirus, it is a powerful drive tool.
Actually I don't believe there is still an infection. The infection corrupted your drive at the sector level.

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QUESTION: I don't know the name of the virus but seems to be the same one the people are taking about on this microsoft forum:


Its making notepad display a file called .ShellClassinfo every time I start Windows 8. I also ran that hidden files program I was telling you about on my internal HD and another one of those shady $Recycle.Bin icons popped up in the Local C Drive section. If its' not a virus it's definitely malware. What ever it is it's definitely worth the time to figure out how to get rid of it. I can almost guarantee other people are gonna have a run in with this nasty little monster. USB drives spread infections all the time. I'd view a practical solution as a valued commodity. I wish I could give you a name of the virus/malware but I can't. All I can tell you is a lot of websites associate the same problems I've been having with a virus that might be called Trojan.Autorun.Inf.Gen. I believe there to be truth to this because both my IPOD and external hard use to have a auto run file that automatically displayed the contents of the USB divice as soon I plugged it in. After a while all my usb devices started prompting me to run a fix scan due to loading errors. When they stop doing that files just start stealthfully disappearing. The last stage of the disease seems to be the occurrence of recycling bin icons and inaccessible storage space. Bitdefender  is suppose to have a tool for the Trojan.Autorun.Inf.Gen virus but the website keeps giving me a 404 page not found error ever time I try to download the tool. At this point I'm trying to run a the anti virus in recuse mode by it keeps telling me that Bitdefender doesn't do resuce mode on OS's with Secure Boot. Now its looking like I have to make a rescue disc. I don't even know when I'll have to the money to buy a case of blank CD's for that. I wish Malwarebytes would have worked, but it didn't. What ever you cant tell me would be greatly appreciated. A viable solution to this problem would probably make a great addition to your All Experts achieves.  Hope you can help, thanks.

Sounds like this might be something combo fix could take care of. Get it at
It is an executable (.exe). You do not install it just download and save it to the desktop. Before running it I would rename it leaving the .exe extension in place. This will keep the malware from blocking it.

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