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QUESTION: I have been having issues wirh my computer and no one can tell me why. Intermittently, my screen appears to smear to one side.  It's like a twitch.. It happens for a second then goes back to normal. I alao notice files that were in folders on my desktop, appearing outside those folders when I have not opened them. My internet connection seems to slow down and the mouse soesn't always work properly. Is it possible that I have been hacked or that someone has remotely entered my computer? I have a Mac running Yosemite.

ANSWER: Hi amy:

Without an error message, I don't have any reason to think you've been hacked at this point.

I really think your best bet would be to post your problems on an Apple help forum if you don't find answers on either one of these sites:  (*)

(*Check if "Who Should Hold Off For a While" or "Who May Not Want to Upgrade At All" applies to you)

and, - (

Let me know if this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: .No these aites didn't help. I have posted in Apple forums and have not gotten answers. These problems existed before Yosemite. My computer is not slow, it's acting funny and doing things I cannot control.

If you're not using an anti-virus application, please do.

This URLs below provides some choices. I'd try a free or free trial first, and make sure you don't install additional unneeded features, toolbars or adware during installation.

(Avast has a free edition too).

If you like to try more than one, be sure to remove the current one first, then restart before installing another one.

Run a complete or full system scan for viruses and spyware. Let me know what you find.

If you are using one, please let me know which one, if it's updated, working properly and if you run a scan recently.

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