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Hi Brian

Do you use free anti-virus and malware software that is on the internet today or do you pay for it? If you use the free products or pay for them on the net who do you go with?

I currently have windows 8.1

I use to have windows 8. Now that I have windows 8.1 after the installation windows was asking me then to download and install windows 10. That's strange. What ever happened to windows 8.2 through 9.9?

At the moment I'm using Microsoft windows defender. It says it will protect me from the latest viruses and malware, but it's annoying how the software keeps expects me to keep manually updating it every few hours or at least every day.

How often do you download and install windows updates?

Hi Sterling

Sorry for the delay in replying to your questions.  I am currently using Bitdefender Total Security 2015.  It contains an antivirus, firewall, and other bundled tools to keep a computer running clean.  It is a premium suite which I decided to pay for after it's 30-day free trial.  But I have, for many years, successfully used free products, most recently avast!, which I found to be an excellent program.  I purchased a year of Bitdefender at a huge discount for about $25 here:

And as I mentioned, avast! is an very secure, free antivirus solution:

Windows 8 became 8.1 after October 2013 through Windows Updates.  The update addressed problems and improved performance.  But Windows 8.1 was still poorly received and much derided.  So, Microsoft decided to address most of the downsides with it's latest OS, Windows 10.  It is also available through Windows Updates, and is free for the first year.  It has been very well received so far, so when Windows pop-up asks you to download and install, I do recommend that you do so.  Why Windows 10, not 9?  No one has said for certain, but I tend to believe that company wanted to distance itself from 8 as much as possible.  Windows 10 sounds like a big jump forward and away from 8.  You can read more theories here:

Windows Defender is technically better than having no protection, though some may argue that's giving it too much credit.  Microsoft Defender in tests performs the worst of any free or paid antivirus program.  In short, you should download any other antivirus and then disable Defender.

Windows Updates should be set to download and install automatically.  Microsoft has Windows "check-in" on a regular basis to see if there are any updates available.  If there are, Windows will download them in the background, then notify you once they are ready to be installed.  To check your settings for updates, see the instructions here:

If you have further questions, just let me know.


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