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QUESTION: If there was a program that I wanted to download and use but don't know if it may contain a virus are there people one could pay to download it for me to virus check it, decompile it and find out percisely what it does and doesn't do, and make sure it doesn't contact any other computers for any reason?

ANSWER: There may be people you could pay to do this but I don't believe that is needed. I have 2 ways to look at this
1. No matter what kind of precautions you take, if you are downloading and using illegal software, sooner or later you are going to get some kind of malware. It is only a matter of time.
2. Number 1 being said, the best thing to do is get a good free program that will detect and remove infections (I recommend AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes. You can get them at )
When you download a program always "save" instead of "run". Right click on the setup file and you will have the option of scanning with either program mentioned above. If they are clean you can go ahead and install. If not, they will be quarantined and then can be removed without installing.

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QUESTION: I already have malwarebytes and I wasn't refering to illegal software. I am refering to free software that is useful but may or may not come with baggage. I want to find someone who can test it top to bottom. I take very minimal risk with my computer.

I understand. I'm sure there are people out there who offer this service but I am not familiar with any. I would recommend going to and ask this question. They have always been one of the first places I go when I need a lot of information in one place  

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