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Hi sir, i hope you are doing great, i am having some worms i guess, as Microsoft Malware Removal Tool, or MRT, version 5.18 and 5.19 detect some worms, and probably remove them too as they never show the detections, but later versions of MRT are not removing worms, previous versions always till used to remove the worms but the worms always come again after one or two restarts. I am running windows 10, upgraded from 8.1. I am using Panda Antivirus 2015 Global protection, paid version. But this software does not detects them. My registry continuously has bad entries like "No folder options", and Openfilelocation related malware registry entries, also netserve hidden folder was found and removed recently but it was cleaned. I also now lost those MRT previous versions, which temporarily used to remove worms from my computer, and the computer seemed to run faster and was ok for some time. How can i get rid of this problem, i also use glasswire firewall, and spybot search and destroy. Is there anyway i can get the older versions of MRT? i cannot find them on net.

Hello bas,

Do you mean you can't install this?:

Just let me know. Even if you could find them, older versions aren't supported by MS to use on Windows 10.

Also, as an alternative, consider trying the free (click "home" than the first Malwarebytes entry) or free-trial premium version of Malwarebytes. For your convenience, there's a link on the home page.

Here are a few more options as well:

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