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QUESTION: hi davis,

this is henry,

you told me to download avg.
They said need to update. Do you say yes.
I like to be in control of the C: drive. I do not want to know what is changing without knowing it or what is changing.

ANSWER: If you got AVG from a link or site I directed you to, you need to ok updates when it prompts. That way you have the latest virus definition files.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I bought dvds or cd-roms from Dollar Tree.  I used it to burn programs, etc.  
How do you know it is virus/fake/counterfeit dvds or cd-roms?  It even said made in china.  Also, let assume no avg install, it is not safe for my laptop.  What do I do?

First of all you should have autorun disabled on your machine. Have avg installed. Put the disks in the drive. Go to computer and right click the disk drive. You will have an option to scan with avg.
I do not advise downloading illegal programs. I am not accusing of this, just covering myself. Sometimes no matter what antivirus or antimalware you run, if the software you are working with is not legal you will not be able to get around an infection.

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