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QUESTION: Should I disable autoplay (auto-run) for all drives or just the cd-drive?

It might be a problem for the AVG is the drives is not automatic or what.

ANSWER: Yes to the first question.
I really don't understand what you are asking about avg

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am afraid that disable auto-run or auto-play to all devices and drives, it might caused problem for the laptop to not work properly, thus, it might even lead to virus coming up as well. In addition, avg might not be able to stop the virus as well because it might need some components of the devices or drives to make it run properly.

If you disable autorun it doesn't disable the devices. It only disables them from running unless prompted by you. Example: You put a usb flash drive in the laptop. Whatever setup, .exe file, etc, will run automatically. This is unsecure and will result in distributing any program onto your computer from disk, flash drive, or application downloaded with only one prompt from you. Disable autorun and you have to initiate the program. See what I'm saying? What you suggest, after consulting me is not safe.  

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