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QUESTION: Hi, I'm hoping you can help me out here. It seems I have recently downloaded some kind of pop-up virus. My computer is less that 2 months old and I'm really hoping I can get rid if this ASAP.

I downloaded the free version of ad-aware and ran a scan, which came up with 5 files to quarantine. I quarantined the files and ultimately deleted them after. But pop-ups seem to keep appearing on web pages. I use both internet explorer and Google Chrome for the web and it happens on both.

I've been able to notice when the pop up will happen. Basically, the web page will go "dead". I notice this when I mouse over any kind of link or text box and my mouse cursor stays the same, rather than changing to a hand for links and a text symbol over text boxes.

can you please help? Even advise how to reset my computer to the day I got it would be great if that ultimately got rid of this thing.

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay - traveling kept me away from this site longer than expected.

What does the Pop Up say?

Go to this page: and click "Get your browser settings back" for Windows.

Note also it mentions Malwarebytes  (free version) download and install - run, remove threats reboot.

Let me know and we'll take it from there.


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QUESTION: Hi, I ended up just reinstalling windows. It was a relatively new computer so there wasn't much to lose. Virus is gone.

I'm glad you found an easy solution to your problem, Mark.

I would like to add, please consider installing Malwarebytes and running a scan at least once a week or bi-weekly (free version or full). It's always best to have a multi-layered security configuration, so if you'd like suggestions about that, just let me know (providing your system and the current security applications (Firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware).

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