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QUESTION: Respected Sir,

10 days ago I plugged in a USB drive of my friend and after that two folders System Volume Information and $RECYCLE.BIN started to appear in every drive:- (C:), RECOVERY(D:)and (F:).

I posted my query in Microsoft Community

According to the suggestion of Support Engineer I did the full system scan by Microsoft Safety Scanner and nothing was found and he suggested that these two folders were not viruses. I searched various articles regarding the same and found that every article seems to suggest the same.

In the very last reply the Support Engineer provided a link to a question which is about the same issue. I am pasting that link here as well

The first reply(ticked as Answer) by Support Engineer has the following lines: " It is possible you have somehow made them visible."
I am unable to understand what she is trying to say.

The only query that I have is I want to know how these two folders started to appear only after that USB was plugged in.

What should I do? I am still in doubt.

ANSWER: Hello Utkarsh,

Please see:


The first link may resolve the problem, or the 2nd. It's your choice how you'd like to proceed.
Just let me know.

*If I've help solve your problem(s) suggested donation $10 for continued support anytime regarding computer security. Thanks

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QUESTION: According to first link I go to Task Manager->Processes but I couldn't find recycler.exe in the Processes. Does it mean I am safe?

It's possible, but I can't be sure yet.  The autorun-virus-remover-deleter is a very simple, safe tool. Download it to your desktop. It's a Zip file so Extract All to the Desktop and clean [clicking]* the application Icon as instructed.

Check this:

to make sure you're removing the USB correctly, remove it, then reboot and plug in the drive again:  

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