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Hello James,

I've been a daily user of the internet since 1998, and so far (knock on wood) have never had an issue with identity theft, stolen passwords, bank acct. theft, etc.  But that is not to say I have not been concerned about it.  Today I ran across and ad for "Safer Web", and here is the link to that page so you can take a look at it:

I currently have multiple computer security programs.  Windows Defender, Frontier Secure, 360 Total Security, and Super-Anti-Spyware.  I regularly run them to keep my system as clean and safe as possible.  

The reason I am writing to you is that I am wondering how serious is the danger of having my identity, information, banking information, etc. stolen?  From what I am reading on this Safer Web site, the threat is very real, and we should be super diligent about keeping our computer secure.  But then again, this could be a scare tactic or using Fear to sell their product.  

So do you think that by getting this Safer Web program my computer will be a lot safer than it is now?  Or do you think what I already have is sufficient enough?  I welcome any thoughts you have about this.  


Hi Gary,

As it says at the top of the Safer Web page, it's an "Advertorial by Siteblog"

It's one of many VPNs -  and using a Virtual Private Network will make your Internet experience safer.



SaferWeb VPN isn't on the list (it appears to be a newcomer) and neither is TotalVPN or SecurityKiss and others).

I've tried and like most of them (though not SaferWeb), but it's really up the individual which one is best for them.

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