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I don't have a lot on my computer, mostly favorites,some documents, photos and I have it all on a flash drive that I keep secure (as well as on a CD). I tried a cloud service and found it much easier to just use a flash drive. So just how important is it to also have them backed up on one of the cloud services? Thanks

Hi Lee, If anything happens to that flash-drive, what then?

Right after I answered your question (I meant to answer it publicly), I fell off the chair and my flash drive sticking out of the pc was damaged slightly damaged. Thank God it was slight.

And, if you're not talking about backing up your system, if something happens to your PC, that's that not issue here, right?

Please check out these posts and see if they answer you question. Much has been written about flash drive and cloud backups, so you may have already seen these - but they represent 2 of many excellent articles.

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