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my window xp has some problem that I don't know how to call it. it is like that;when first I turn on the computer, it work normal, but after I had been working about 3 to five hours,thing begin to happen. first, the window of the browser would close automatically or disappear,sometime just the words disappear or become Mojibake
(unreadable characters), and then the other programs on the desktop
also become Mojibake or just all short cuts of the programs disappeared. and the screen empty, as if the computer try turning off by itself, but it actually never turn off nor restart by itself, it just frozen in that position. only left the star button, or the word "start" disappear and just left a green button. after the computer is turn off or unplug and restart again, it work normal  again, but after several hours, the same thing happen. those thing happen every time but some time one thing go first and then another thing go second. what is this problem and how to solve it?

Hello Pui,

I am sorry to inform you that (out of my understanding of your question) that your computer/laptop has overheating problems. This in time affects the CPU and Graphic Card and due to(I am guessing, hence the unreadable text) dust settlement or rather weak cooler fan, the computer/laptop cannot hold on any longer but shut down on its own accord.

The shutting down process is triggered by the BIOS in order for the machine to withdraw from further vulnerabilities. The solution for you would be to rush it for a physical checkup ASAP. Before your Hard-Drive gets corrupted(and loose a decent Operating System) due to sudden Shut-Downs.

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