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my window xp has some problem that I don't know how to call it. it is like that;when first I turn on the computer, it work normal, but after I had been working about 3 to five hours,thing begin to happen. first, the window of the browser would close automatically or disappear,sometime just the words disappear or become Mojibake
(unreadable characters), and then the other programs on the desktop
also become Mojibake or just all short cuts of the programs disappeared. and the screen empty, as if the computer try turning off by itself, but it actually never turn off nor restart by itself, it just frozen in that position. only left the star button, or the word "start" disappear and just left a green button. after the computer is turn off or unplug and restart again, it work normal  again, but after several hours, the same thing happen. those thing happen every time but some time one thing go first and then another thing go second. what is this problem and how to solve it?

Dear pui,

The problem could be many things - so many that finding the problem and fixing it could take much more time and effort than it's worth.

The problem is (which I would be surprised if you weren't aware of) is that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. They won't give you security updates, but there is an exception (see *link a below). Therefore, many applications may not work properly on your system, and it's much more vulnerable to hacking, viruses and spyware than newer systems.

That being said, the only thing I can suggest without having a great deal more information about your system, configuration settings and startup and other applications and security tools on your system, is to check for file system errors and bad sectors on your hard disk:

If that doesn't resolve the problem and you wish to provide more detailed info about your system, please contact me directly at

Also, read this post to see if there's anything there that may help you.


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